Saturday, March 26, 2016

What Aui_2000 and BuLba can offer to EG?

Below is the observation and reply to my questions which I posted in my last blog.

Aui_2000 used to be a carry during his early days on the pro dota scene but I haven't personally seen him playing carry since I wasn't following the pro dota scene during those times.

The only thing that I 'm sure of is that Aui_2000 has a large hero pool so that'll be an advantae for EG espically ppd's drafting.

Regarding Bulba as an offlaner, well universe is definetly better than him but the thing is, Bulba is a great coach. EG won TI5 with Bulba as a coach. so he may be weaker compared to Universe but he can make a huge impact on developing startegies and helping ppd on drafting.

Therefore, rtz and universe may be better than Aui_2000 and Bulba, but they (Aui_2000 and Bulba) definitely have something to offer in order for EG to win.

Note: The above comments are by The Hermit | EG fangay | @jacqdota

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