Saturday, March 26, 2016

What Aui_2000 and BuLba can offer to EG?

Below is the observation and reply to my questions which I posted in my last blog.

Aui_2000 used to be a carry during his early days on the pro dota scene but I haven't personally seen him playing carry since I wasn't following the pro dota scene during those times.

The only thing that I 'm sure of is that Aui_2000 has a large hero pool so that'll be an advantae for EG espically ppd's drafting.

Regarding Bulba as an offlaner, well universe is definetly better than him but the thing is, Bulba is a great coach. EG won TI5 with Bulba as a coach. so he may be weaker compared to Universe but he can make a huge impact on developing startegies and helping ppd on drafting.

Therefore, rtz and universe may be better than Aui_2000 and Bulba, but they (Aui_2000 and Bulba) definitely have something to offer in order for EG to win.

Note: The above comments are by The Hermit | EG fangay | @jacqdota

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Roster of EG & Team Secret before The International 6 Dota2

Universe and Arteezy left EG and joined Team Secret.
Now there is a speculation going on that SumaiL and fear are also leaving EG.
But SumaiL's latest tweet says: now we will win tournaments, and fear says: memes time.
Any how ppd, fear and sumaiL are in the new EG roaster.
I am concerned about the rest of the two players.
EG need a carry and an offlaner.
Fear can't play in carry role after his accident, that is why they agrees to bring Arteezy back in team.
So the new player must be a hard carry one and an offlaner, as EG lost the world best offlaner and carry too.

New Roster of Evil Geniuses Dota2

The mystery of the new two players joining evil geniuses is resolved yesterday, when the team captain ppd has released a statement, that Aui_2000 and BuLba are joining the EG for The Internationals 2016 Dota2 tournament.

Aui_2000 updated his profile at twitter that, he is the carry player of EG and uploaded a vlog on YouTube confirming his new team i.e. EG & BuLba is also joining him as an offlaner.

Both of the players Aui_2000 and BuLba are the ex-EG players, and played good dota under the banner of different professional dota2 teams. But now a new challenge is started here for the whole team, without the best offlaner in North America i.e Universe what will be the strategy of EG in the games?

Will BuLba can bring the same pace of game as an offlaner which universe was providing ?

Is Aui_2000 can play the carry role, as he was playing as a support till TI5?

Is fear going back to player # 1 position i.e. carry?

Are fear and aui_2000 will be swapping their positions i.e. 4 to 1 or 1 to 4, in the game?

What will be the next strategy of ppd while playing with aui_2000, as he said in his vlogs that he talks too much and questions his decision?

Answer to above stated questions is queued till very next vlog of ppd or the next tournament that EG will play i.e. WePlay Season 3?

But i am very much concerned about BuLba.

I hope these changes will bring the aegis of TI to back home again.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


1. Setting up EPS;

2. Setting up OBS

3. Setting up Currency;
4. Setting up Unit;
5. Setting up Calendars;

6. Creating New Project File;

7. Setting up Project Information;

Setting up Work Break Down Structure (WBS);

8. Setting up Activity Code;

9. Adding Activities;
i.e. Activity name, activity code, duration, activity id

10. Setting Up Timescale;

11. Adding Milestone Activities;

12. Assign Activities Relationship;

13. Updating and Managing the Schedule ;

14. Schedule of Project Ready;

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Californication – A TV Series

I started writing before watching this show, after writing some blogs I quitted writing. But after watching this show I felt that I should start writing again. Writing needs inspirations; almost 90 percent of the writers are inspired. As far as inspiration is concerned, most of the writers are inspired by their forefathers or teachers but my inspiration regarding writing is neither of them.
Hank moody - a fictional lead character in the series named as Californication. This series is based on the life style of Hank moody. Hank moody is a writer, who used to love & live in New York, wrote his first master piece in New York. Moving from New York to Los Angles, Hank Moody’s life took a turn. His girlfriend & daughter moved away from him & he started to live a life as ramble in labyrinth. In Los Angles Hank cant concentrate on writing, reasons are as his girlfriend moved away from him & he doesn’t like Los angles. All his concentration is focused on not liking Los Angles and his girlfriend, which took him away from writing. Hank’s manager advised him to start writing again & writing blogs can be helpful to his career & he will always be fresh in people mind. So Hank started writing blogs, which inspired me to follow his lead & write whatever comes to my mind.
This show is PG +18, and if you are not 18 +, I recommend you to not watch this show. But, if you are 18+ then you are going to love this show. If my opinion is concern, I will rate this show 10/10 & it will always remain on the top of my TV shows’ list.
Now a day 6th season of Californication is airing on SHOW TIME & last 4-5 episodes are left. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Manchester United Vs Real Madrid

Last night Manchester united lost in UEFA Champions league from Real Madrid. Overall match was good before a rubbish decision from referee, which turned a classic match into a shit. United was at the top, had one goal lead over the visitors, but referee’s one mistake costs Manchester united out of the tournament. Some critics are saying it was referee’s mistake, some are saying that it was a 100% red card and some are saying that it was a harsh decision in such a big match. What football fans think; Madrid fans, they are happy that Madrid won the match they don’t know and care about red card, united fans; they think it was f**king disgrace to football, and rest of the club fans think that referee’s decision was not harsh and they are enjoying over united loss. Beside these critics and football fans reviews, being a united fan the decision was totally one sided, the referee has to think for just a second and to sense the match situation that united had one goal lead and Nani’s tackle was not the frustration but referee didn’t sense the match situation and gave red card to Nani, which cost this match to united.
Some question arises in my mind; are referees giving advantages to the Spanish clubs, why Michel Platini doesn’t like English Clubs, does the FIFALONA tag is shifted from Barcelona to Real Madrid, and why Chelsea, arsenal, Liverpool and city fans like Ronaldo now, where is their Messi?