Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Manchester United Vs Real Madrid

Last night Manchester united lost in UEFA Champions league from Real Madrid. Overall match was good before a rubbish decision from referee, which turned a classic match into a shit. United was at the top, had one goal lead over the visitors, but referee’s one mistake costs Manchester united out of the tournament. Some critics are saying it was referee’s mistake, some are saying that it was a 100% red card and some are saying that it was a harsh decision in such a big match. What football fans think; Madrid fans, they are happy that Madrid won the match they don’t know and care about red card, united fans; they think it was f**king disgrace to football, and rest of the club fans think that referee’s decision was not harsh and they are enjoying over united loss. Beside these critics and football fans reviews, being a united fan the decision was totally one sided, the referee has to think for just a second and to sense the match situation that united had one goal lead and Nani’s tackle was not the frustration but referee didn’t sense the match situation and gave red card to Nani, which cost this match to united.
Some question arises in my mind; are referees giving advantages to the Spanish clubs, why Michel Platini doesn’t like English Clubs, does the FIFALONA tag is shifted from Barcelona to Real Madrid, and why Chelsea, arsenal, Liverpool and city fans like Ronaldo now, where is their Messi?

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