Saturday, March 9, 2013

Californication – A TV Series

I started writing before watching this show, after writing some blogs I quitted writing. But after watching this show I felt that I should start writing again. Writing needs inspirations; almost 90 percent of the writers are inspired. As far as inspiration is concerned, most of the writers are inspired by their forefathers or teachers but my inspiration regarding writing is neither of them.
Hank moody - a fictional lead character in the series named as Californication. This series is based on the life style of Hank moody. Hank moody is a writer, who used to love & live in New York, wrote his first master piece in New York. Moving from New York to Los Angles, Hank Moody’s life took a turn. His girlfriend & daughter moved away from him & he started to live a life as ramble in labyrinth. In Los Angles Hank cant concentrate on writing, reasons are as his girlfriend moved away from him & he doesn’t like Los angles. All his concentration is focused on not liking Los Angles and his girlfriend, which took him away from writing. Hank’s manager advised him to start writing again & writing blogs can be helpful to his career & he will always be fresh in people mind. So Hank started writing blogs, which inspired me to follow his lead & write whatever comes to my mind.
This show is PG +18, and if you are not 18 +, I recommend you to not watch this show. But, if you are 18+ then you are going to love this show. If my opinion is concern, I will rate this show 10/10 & it will always remain on the top of my TV shows’ list.
Now a day 6th season of Californication is airing on SHOW TIME & last 4-5 episodes are left. 

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