Sunday, March 3, 2013

El Classico 2013

+barcelona vs +Real Madrid C.F. ... couple of matches was played between these two giants, more specifically Spanish giants, in the last week. One was at +Camp Nou and the other was at +santiago bernabeu. And the most interesting thing happened in these matches, that +barcelona didnt win a single El classico, besides having +Messi and his goal scoring rate at barca's side. On the other hand +Real Madrid C.F. had a +Cristiano Ronaldo , who played just a one full game.
After losing these two games, now Barcelona is out from Copa Del Rey, but still at the top of La Liga. And barcelona fans are chanting over their 13 points lead in La Liga, also complaining about Referees. Seems awkward, when a barca fan complains about referee's decision. By the way barca fans, i call them messi fans, should worry about their fixture against +AC Milan, because if they wont win this match, barcelona will be out from +UEFA Champions League ( UCL). And thats what every one wants except barca fans.

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